What happens with our soul when we get born

We split up into many parts when we got born. The largest part of the split of our soul group is the Higher-Self. It seperates from the Human self in a quantum way. For us Humans, the Higher-Self is “somewhere else” – perhaps in heaven. The truth is that the Higher-Self is really in the DNA! But it’s not in 3D, and seperates itself so completley from the human 3D experience that it seems to the Human that is not in the reality of our existence, because we Humans see things in a singular fashion and does not even like the concept of God as a group or themselves as a group. Everything in 3D is singular, with a singular time frame, life length, and with a nice start and finish. The next thing to split out of our sacred soul group is what we call the guides and angels that are ours for life. So, our guides and angels are just ourselves. The last group (the entourage of us) stays on the side of the veil. They are indeed, a part of our soul group. They exist as a balance of humanity, providing for a bridge of our own mastery. (Kryon Book 12 – The twelve layers of DNA)

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