Live a Life in Higher Vibration with THETA HEALING®

Healing with the power of the subconscious mind.

The Theta Healing® Technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit. With the Theta Healing® technique, I connect with your energy/multidimensional field. Being in the Theta State, it’s possible to identify deep blockades, to transform them and to program the subconscious new. Blockades, anxiety, grief, trauma can be effectively treated. This technique allows us to recreate our reality new. The alteration of belief systems creates new thinking, feelings and behavior in life and therefore, positive experiences. With this method, I can support you to activate your DNA (see DNA-Activation) to adapt easier to the new energies on earth and to activate your healing power. But also the work on physical ailments is possible if you are open to look into root causes and their elimination.  

Hi! My name is Patricia and I am a certified Theta Healing® Practitioner in DNA Basic and DNA Advanced from Germany originally. I am a healer and I am clairvoyant. That means, I can feel other people’s feelings when I’m entering their field and I can feel/see the energy blockages in their bodies and can shift and transmute the energetic blockages.

I am based in Munich and I am living periodly on the Algarve in Portugal. I came across Theta Healing® during an East Asia trip in 2014. My first session with this technique changed some facts in my life completely in a positive way. Therefore it was inviteable for me to attend right away certified workshops to become a Theta Healing® Practioner.

Trough Theta Healing®, I became aware for the first time that I am clairvoyant and have been since childhood.

Since this awakening, I have been committed to healing, growth, spiritual transformation and education. In my sessions, I open a healing field where you can enter a space where healing is possible. It’s a space within you and where change becomes possible.

In addition, I got initiated with some master plants and completed a dieta in the Amazon with a master of the Shipibo Lineage. The work with master plants opened some boxes of knowledge within me and made me even more sensitive to the energies around me.

Price for One-to-One Theta Healing Session approx. 90 minutes (also remote available):   90,-€

You also find me in the “InLight Studio” in Lagos: 

In this guidebook, I have put together seven powerful steps on how to take back control of your life when everything seems to be falling apart. This workbook is the result of hundreds of healing sessions I have given and reading self-help books by myself. These seven steps bring you into action to do the inner work. And this is the only way when you want to see changes in the outer world. 

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