I really feel grateful to Patricia for her flexibility, genuine concern and caring personality. I had one session with her and this really helped me relieve a lot of emotional burdens I had been carrying for years. I look forward to future sessions with Patricia.

Ana, Swizerland

I tried several therapies but nothing opened me up like this Theta Healing session with Patricia.

Megan, New York

Patricia erklärte während der Sitzung ganz genau was sie gerade macht. Ich spürte auch ganz genau was sie gerade tat bei der Chakren- Reinigung. Z.b. fühlte ich Wärme an den Stellen an dem das Chakra welches gerade gereinigt wird sitzt. Beim Austauschen der Glaubenssätze empfand ich große Erleichterung, ich fühlte mich freier. Die Sitzung hat sehr große Last von mir genommen.

Marco, Freising

Patricia and I crossed path at a time in my life where I felt hopelessly lost and severely depressed. I always felt somehow disconnected to myself and lacked a clear sense of who I was and where I wanted to go in life. And around that time all this came crashing down on me. The sessions with her initiated a journey of self discovery that was so powerful that now a year later I can say I feel a lot more grounded, with a much clearer idea of who I am and what I stand for and in love with myself like I’ve never been before. Patricia’s Theta Healing Session and the conversations we had beyond that helped me to open my heart and find that connection to myself I’ve been missing for so long. Her sensitive spirit inspired me. I’m very grateful to have met her on my path and will always find my way back to her when I’m in need for spiritual guidance.

Ulrike M., Berlin