For as long as I remember, journaling has been my sanctuary. It’s a space where I can be completely honest with myself, explore my creativity, and track my personal growth. I keep journals for different topics, such as a travel journal, a journal in which I write down poems and pearls of wisdom, and an affirmation journal. Or a journal for collecting ideas or recipes.

My journals are like good friends that I can tell everything to. Whether it’s a quick note about my day, a detailed plan for my future, or a spontaneous burst of inspiration. My journals are always there to capture it all.

But last time I couldn’t find the right journal for me. I searched for a nice summer/beach journal. This led me on an unexpected yet fulfilling journey: creating my own journals.

The decision to create my own journals was both, exciting and overwhelming. I began sketching out ideas and started listening to tutorials on YouTube. I experimented with Canva for the designs and layouts. The process was a labor of love. 

When I finally held the first completed journal in my hand, it was a moment of pure joy. Creating my own journals sparked a new passion for design and craftsmanship. I have even started sharing my journals with friends and family, who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. The results are journals that feel like home.

My journals are now available on Amazon:

Happy journaling!

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