Why do I focus in my Theta Healing Sessions, especially on the lower three chakras?

Because it’s actually just the lower three energy centers that contain our blockages and imbalances. 

Here is why. Our seven energy centers are divided into two categories: The lower three chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, our so-called earthly chakras and the upper three chakras, our spiritual chakras. The seventh chakra, our crown chakra does not carry any energies of its own and can not be manipulated and therefore there is no energy work needed there. Our spiritual chakras, the heart, throat and third eye are entirely pure like our divine nature is entirely pure. And our divine nature doesn’t need any healing. 

But you might say now: My heart chakra feels blocked or I have a blockage in my throat. And this is not entirely wrong with what you are feeling, it’s just a bit of a misunderstanding of how the energy centers work. For example, If you are holding resentment towards someone in one of the lower earthly chakras, then the heart chakra has to close off to that energy. Because the heart can not hold resentment or judgment towards others. So, the actual blockage or imbalance comes from the root, sacral or solar plexus.

Our heart chakra is the so-called unifier between our lower chakras and the spiritual chakras, between the physical nature and the spiritual nature. It’s our door to other dimensions. 

Still today, most of us, haven’t activated the spiritual chakras yet. There is still too much judgment and the feeling, that we are separated from everything in our perception. In order to even do spiritual balancing, the solar plexus chakra of self-realization must be activated. If there is no self-realization, the upper three chakras do not process.

But what is it, that activates the spiritual chakras? It can only be done consciously. We must do an appropriate amount of healing and balancing work on ourselves. So, in order to don’t want to feel our heart chakra closing anymore, what prevents us from activating our spiritual chakras and graduating in 4th density, we need to start doing the spiritual balancing work to figure out, where in the lower three chakras our blockages are coming from. So, if we are going to balance something in our energy, we must first become aware of what that thing is that creates an imbalance. We have to begin what’s called living from the heart, which means: self-inquiry, paying attention to the way we speak, behave and react towards others and life circumstances.

And that’s why I focus in my Theta Healing Sessions on the lower three chakras to identify blockages to assist you to open your heart chakra.

As soon as the heart chakra is activated, the throat and third eye chakra are immediately available. 

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