We are experiencing a huge shift in consciousness right now, and as a species, we are now evolving and are waking up dormant parts of our soul energy that we call DNA. The DNA-Activation is a very important part for the spiritual awakening, and once awakened, there is a shift in the way you think and feel. To activate your spiritual DNA, all chakras have to be open. 


Für wen ist diese Sitzung?

Diese Sitzung ist für dich, wenn du wirklich einen Reset in deinem Energiesystem machen und von einer niedrigeren Schwingung zu einer höheren Schwingung wechseln möchtest. Wenn du deine Verbindung mit dir selbst vertiefen möchtest. Heile Beziehungswunden, verändere und kläre alte Muster, die dich am Vorwärtskommen hindern, schaffe stärkere Bindungen, verbessere deine intuitive Kommunikation und erwecke deine spirituellen Gaben und Heilkräfte. Blockages can show up like: I have no money, I have no relationship, I have no friends, I’m lacking creativity or in health. 

Die Reinigung aller sieben Energiezentren im Körper ist eine sehr kraftvolle energetische Entgiftung. Du wirst niedrigere Schwingungen beseitigen, die dich blockieren.

Why do our chakras have to be open?

Basically, our body is made of energy. This energy organizes itself into our body, which we see in the mirror every day. But before it does that, it organizes itself into chakras and meridians. These chakras are energy centers located along the spine. We have 7 main energy centers through which we must evolve, and through spiritual work, we achieve this.

Each chakra has a specific purpose and vibration. They are a manifestation of prana also called life energy. And this energy can be harmonized and “tuned”. For each chakra, there is a yoga posture that helps you focus on one of each chakra. Each chakra covers certain life issues that need to be looked at honestly. This is because they can all contain blockages and disturbances that can affect our lives. When a chakra is out of alignment, meaning it is not letting in enough or any life force in, it begins to affect your balance.

In this session, we open and activate the 7 main chakras in the body!

In this session, we focus on your 7 main chakras in your body. We open and activate them, so your energy can move quite freely in your nervous system and the prana channel, that lies along the spine. Because this prana channel becomes more light when more energy can flow up and down with a higher frequency.

When all main chakras are activated, your spiritual/ quantum DNA is activated for your own highest good. With DNA-Activation the frequency in your body will change and you awake your self-healing power. The DNA-Activation allows us to survive environmental poisons, as well as accelerates our psychic senses. You really begin to shine!